African Art Carvings and Sculptures

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African Art
Traditional and Abstract Stone Carvings

African art sculpture portraying animals and people in both realistic and abstract form. The pieces are all one of a kind, carved using different types of stone such as serpentine, verdite, springstone, African butter jade and rapoko, an African term for soapstone used by indigenous carvers throughout the world. The term rapoko originated among the Shona artists of Zimbabwe, where it derived from the stone's common resemblance to the roasted millet consumed by a majority of that country's indigenous inhabitants. Most of the stones are found in a large spectrum of colors, varying from creamy white to black.

We have an abiding love for the southern part of Africa: its people, its customs, its wildlife that exists freely within its remaining beautiful open spaces. We are particularly fond of African art as represented by the beautiful stone carvings that we offer here for your examination and purchase. The sculptures shown in this catalog are representative of those we import from Africa regularly. Shipping within the US free. To Canada we will pay 20% of the shipping via US post International Priority Mail. We will give you a quote for the shipping for your approval prior to charging your card or shipping.. We have a very large inventory in addition to those pieces illustrated.
If there is something you would like to ask about, call us at 818-404-0932

Although there are some sculptures of size, we have generally illustrated a selection of small to medium works but would be pleased to quote on your specific needs in size, style, color, texture, and the like. We will respond to all inquiries with complete information, including individual photographs from our inventory.

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